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Who to take over at the Remotel?

You only have to look up to see the family fresco. First on the facade are colourful portraits of the Remmer clan by the Nilange artist Greg Gawra. It sweats through the walls of this institution in the Fensch Valley, where every member of the family has put a little bit of his soul into it since it opened in 1976. In Knutange, the hotel-bar-restaurant is trying in vain to close a long chapter.” It’s not a happy occasion,” says the owner, Roland Remmer, who proudly claims the “old school” side of the establishment and praises “the French art of hospitality.” Simply put, at 71 and 70, my wife Anne-Marie and I would like to enjoy life a little. »

That wish hasn’t come true yet. A year since the place went on sale. No takers. The few touches relayed by the real estate agency have not succeeded.” Yet the hotel and its annex meet safety standards, adapted for people with reduced mobility. “And, for the owner, it’s a successful business.

Inaugurated by Koreans who came in 1976 “to dismantle and list one by one the parts of a universal cage at the factory”, the place saw “many businessmen with the rise of the Valley and its large companies”, before a clientele of tourists was formed. The Remotel then welcomed groups, especially Danish, “six buses a year”. I still correspond with the guide of the time,” says Roland Remmer.

More recently, an Asian clientele, in transit to Paris, frequented the establishment with no less than two Chinese buses a week all year round.” We sometimes see them doing their gym in front of the door”, smiles the boss, who is not short of anecdotes: “One night, I was woken up by neighbors: our guests had forgotten to take their key and were stopping the cars to enter the hotel! “Finally, over the past year and a half, Turkish tourists have been appearing.

The 30 rooms of the Remotel have seen a lot of people. And not just famous strangers. One evening in September 1981, Johnny Hallyday arrived to join his then-girlfriend, Nathalie Baye, on the set of “I Married a Shadow.” He arrived in his big car, drank one or two cognacs,” Roland Remmer recalls.” When he left, some fanatics harassed me to get room 14. I got one more last month! »

In the guestbook, the names of Mimi Mathy, Yvette Horner, La Compagnie Créole and various film crews appear as souvenirs.” But that’s not what we’re about,” says the hotel owner. “We’ve got the business in our blood and what’s important to us is living up to our motto: ‘It’s the family that entertains.’ “To the end.


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